We all die someday, but as long as someone keeps a person’s wishes alive, they won’t really die.


Nanatsu No Taizai or The Seven Deadly Sins is a tale about the medieval times. Nah, fuck that let’s kick this shit up! Not only was this anime based on medieval times, the writers decided to throw in demons, angels and supernatural abilities in there too. Holy shit, this anime will keep you at the edge of your seats throughout the season. Both of them!

The main protagonist Meliodas, the sin of Wrath is not your typical boy. He’s actually a 3000-year-old Demon and is the son of Satan. That escalated quickly lol. He’s not as cute as he seems. He’s actually the captain of the Seven Deadly sins. And is also the biggest pervert in the anime lol.

For those of you know don’t know what the 7 sins are they compose of the following. Greed, Envy, Sloth, Wrath, Lust, Gluttony and Pride. Each member representing each sin corresponding to their characteristics and individual desires seen in the anime.

The story is set in a country called Liones, Britania. The seven deadly sins were considered the strongest of the holy knights. Ten years ago, there was a rumour that the seven deadly sins were planning to overthrow the kingdom. This was bullshit btw, they were framed. Now currently disbanded, the crew try to keep a low profile and live on with their life.


The Holy Knights wanted a  Coup détat to capture the king and overthrow him to become the new rulers of the kingdom.  Elizabeth sets out to find the Seven Deadly Sins to save her father from the upcoming riot.

Elizabeth Liones, is the 4th Princess of the Liones Kingdom. She is a princess who has a benevolent and kind nature. Think of Hinata. Yeah, Waifu material lol. Upon walking for days, Elizabeth finally encounters a Boar Hat, a cute little bar in the middle of nowhere. I’m not sure why she was wearing that large suit of armour but whatever lol.


She collapses inside the bar. Meliodas was kind enough to take care of her. The first thing she wakes up to is him touching her boobs lol. Not surprised by this she gets up in confusion and wonders where she is. Meliodas then plays it cool like nothing happened. One day I will be as smooth as him LOL

And who can forget Hawk! The captain of the leftover knights! The strongest character in the anime (self-proclaimed). Hawk is a talking pig with the moral conscience to keep Meliodas in character. Oh and the Boar Hat is actually built on top of Hawk’s mum who is hugeeeee! Hawk can be uptight most of the time but I find him reliable, trustworthy and full of courage. His heart is definitely in the right place ❤

The 3 set off on an adventure to find the remainders of the Seven Deadly sins. Their only clues are the wanted posters. As you can see, the wanted posters look nothing like the characters actual appearances lol. They were way off with Meliodas and Escanor but pretty close to the others which are pretty impressive. poster

Season 1 is all about retaking the capital back from the Holy Knights. Shit gets complicated so you may have to watch the anime yourself but I’ll explain the gist of it. It all started when Hendrikson started summoning holy knights underground to drink the red demon’s blood to gain its powers. Hendrickson consumed with darkness tries to overthrow the kingdom from within and revive the demon clan that was sealed 3000 years ago.

Flashforward to the final fight, Hendrickson reveals his source of power, the red demon to the seven deadly sin. This turns out to be the very same demon that attacked Fairy King’s forest and killed Elaine, Ban’s lover. He’s the immortal fox sin of greed people please keep up lol. Getting pissed, Ban beats the shit out of him and sends Hendrickson through the ground! Somehow he found a grey demon this time and was able to inject the blood into himself to give him a power-up. Typical anime plot lol. Hendrickson comes back up to the surface and unleashes a demon energy blast aimed at Elizabeth! However, Hawk jumps in the way and shields her from the attack. Losing his life while protecting Elizabeth, she was able to awaken her dormant angel abilities that was able to heal everyone.

Getting PISSED at Hendrickson for killing Hawk, the Seven Deadly Sins combined forces. Meliodas ordered everyone to attack him! At Hendrickson? No…..at Meliodas…….. No really, he told everyone to throw their ultimate techniques at him. Until he was at death’s door, he finally pulled out his ultimate technique REVENGE COUNTER! This was using the accumulated damage he received and blasted it at Hendrickson. Laters loser lol

Bartha the King of Linoes, came onto the battlefield with Merlin and thanked the Seven Deadly sins for protecting the kingdom. The holy knights feeling guilty for their actions, asked the king for repentance. As a “punishment” for starting the holy war, the king ordered everyone to restore the kingdom and preserve the peace.


Not all is bad because you know why? HAWK ISN’T DEAD! HE GETS UP FROM HIS ASHES AND ROSE LIKE A PHOENIX. But this time he’s a mini version which is adorable ❤ The Seven Deadly Sins sets out on an adventure to find the last and supposedly the strongest member Escanor the Lion sin of Pride 😮

Definitely, recommend this anime to all you guys who are into supernatural powers and fan service. There is actually a good plot to this anime so don’t get discouraged from the fan service I mentioned up top haha. The visuals are stunning and the mystery will keep you wondering even after to finish the season 😉


That moment when you find out Merlin was a Waifu all along ❤






Written by bossils

I'm just a guy who loves anime <3

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